Saturday, May 5, 2012


Over the years we have watched the progression of the horrible brown stain that has crept over some of the most beautiful parts of the Front range. The timber is dying as the beetle progresses. Here is a look at a forest service brochure.  Click for larger view.


We have received a notification that our campground start date will be postponed due to preventive spraying.

Instead of arriving at our assigned area around the 10th., we will arrive there nearer to the 18th.

We will stage in Norman for a few extra days. Hey, maybe we’ll get in a couple of trips to the lake !


Happy Trails said...

I sure hate the loss of trees to the beetles appetite! Always sumptin'! You could wander over to SW Utah and visit with Chuck and Geri for a few days before Colorado! The hound herd would love to "howdy" Poco too! Think about it (and bring a few catfish with ya! haha!)

Dave and Susie said...

Hey give us a shout as we live in Norman. Would love to meet you. Been following for a couple of years now.

mountainborn said...

Hi you guys ! We've been following your blog. Our # 479.243.5450 Please call.