Monday, May 21, 2012


Our notification email that we were to be delayed getting into our campground, up high in the Rocky Mountains, because of preventative spraying for the Pine Bark Beetle, slowed us down. Packing up progress didn’t stop, just slowed down.


We managed to get in a couple of extra trips to the lake


Here we are rounding up our plunder, putting it into storage. The utility trailer has fishing jugs, bait traps, live box, small refrigerator and much more. Though it is tarped down, it will be under a shed, as is the boat.


Betty say’s that she will try to have just one more yard sale, at the old Family house place, down by the highway, before we head out to Colorado.


Looks like some serious farmin’ stuff going up for sale. Tractor, trailer, fuel cans, ect., ect. he, he. Note the antique ironing board and electric hot plate in the background.


All in all, we are on pace to be ready to depart as soon as we are notified.

It won’t be long now before we are blogging about the new campground assignment !

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