Sunday, May 27, 2012


Bream, a “catch all” term for most species of pan fish. We bait our jug lines with, and trap, smaller bream for that.


However, larger bream are some of the finest lake cuisine that we know of.

We love to fish for large bream during the spawn. Today we did that. And we nearly struck out. Lake Ouachita had changed drasticly !

That means that since the large wide bands of hydrilla are gone, the water near the Housley Point area, is dingy and the old spawning bets we knew in the past, are not there. We had to hunt them up all over again.

Some basic things never seem to change in the bream world. Water depth and temperature, shoreline texture and exposure to sunlight are constants.

Soon we were back on them again ! There is just something about catching a one pound  blue gill, on a ultra light spin cast rig with 4 pound test line. Good fight, good food !

Maybe we will be able to go back again tomorrow !


Dave and Susie said...

I see you have not left yet for the mountains. Where exactly is your campsite in Colorado if I were trying to locate it on a map?

mountainborn said...

Hi Dave and Susie !Columbine campground 2 miles n/w of Central City, Colorado. Hope we get to see you !

Dave and Susie said... your at a different campground this year, right?