Friday, March 12, 2010


APRIL 28th until MAY 5th ( come earlier or stay later )

It’s our annual gathering of friends and family at Kirby Landing Campground, Lake Greeson, Arkansas. Located just off of US Hwy 70 between Daisy and Kirby Arkansas. Which is South West of Hot Springs.

New construction to add sewer and water to some of the camp sights may cause some or all of us to have to relocate from last year’s campsites.

Full Moon ( when the bait fish spawn ) is on the 28th of April

The main focus of the annual gathering is on Jug Fishing with lots of fish fry’s and pot luck meals around the campfire.  Domino matches optional.

Since Betty and I live closer than others, we will bring our boat, complete outdoors camp kitchen, lots of firewood and all of the necessary large pots, pans and fish cookers, complete with propane.

Steve & Tali have volunteered to bring 5 gallons of cooking oil for the fish fry’s.

Maybe there are those that could volunteer to bring other items such as:

Cole Slaw Mix

Frozen Hush puppies

Frozen french fries

Paper Plates


Plastic silverware

I have probably forgotten something on this list ! Please call Betty at 479.216.2504 if you would like more input on special diets, ect.

Please call me at 479.243.5450 if I can help with questions about jugfest2010.


In the past some have chipped in to help with boat gas and we really appreciate that. I guess we could figure that out around the campfire one evening.

This is the first year that we have had this small bit of planning for Jugfest. However, last year,  we had enough folks that came and went as their schedules would permit, that  hopefully this small bit of organization will facilitate their enjoyment of  this years gathering.   We hope this kind of loosely organized effort won’t distract from the normally laid back environment.

In the past we have deliberately had no list of attendees, agenda of any sort, scheduled meal times or menus. All daily planning seems to just naturally happen around the campfire the evening before.

In the event of weather, domino matches or plain old fatigue, we usually monitor the FRS radio channel 7, for cool stuff like, “ Hey, Fran, any chance you can bring a few eggs to the campfire this morning ?”

“I am about out of eggs, maybe we could have pancakes ready for when the boat gets back in ?”

Or maybe something like, “ Hey ! You sleepy heads, the boat leaves in ten minutes to go pick up the jugs ! “

We always look forward to meeting first time jugfesters, (oh geeze is that a real word ? Sounds like a oozing sore that has had the scab knocked off ) and hope there are some that have considered it, but haven’t made it yet, that we will get to meet this year.

We will be fishing and if you don’t have a license, they are inexpensive and readily available at local stores. I am so ancient that I have the permanent license, so maybe someone will post current costs ?

There is a thread of conversation at:

It is located in the campfire section if you would like to see photos and read more about how we roll at jugfest.

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