Thursday, March 11, 2010


During our bearing inspection, we took the time to take a good look at our brake shoes and 12 volt solenoid coils. Here is the way it looked with the hub removed.


A check of the brake drum showed the wear to be consistent with our towed miles. I was a bit worried about excessive brake shoe wear and heat damage to the brake drums because we had the brakes hotter than I like for them to get, while coming off of La Manga Pass in Colorado. La Manga Pass is a three thousand feet drop in five miles.


Cleaning and repacking the bearings was the next thing on our list.


After cleaning the spindle, I flushed the ez lube zerk and grease channel with fresh grease before reassembling the repacked bearings.



B. Schell said...

I'll trade you the next time, I have 2 axles and 4 hubs to keep up with. I put new bearings/races/seals etc. on mine last month. Supposed to be nice weather this weekend here in North Texas, I'm taking the travel trailer to the lake. First time out in over 2 months. Your still going back to Trujillo Meadows right?

mountainborn said...

Yes ! We will see you at Trujillo this year. Going to Lake Greeson for Jug Fishing soon. Intrested ?

B. Schell said...

Sounds like fun. My family and I camped at Daisy State park several years ago. Also went to the Crater of Diamonds. When will you be going and what campground do you stay at?

mountainborn said...

Kirby Landing. 21 April to 5 May. Hope you can make it.