Wednesday, March 3, 2010


News, Weather, Sports and favorite shows, we use our tv for lots of stuff while out on the road. Our King Dome had been coming and going every since a nearby lightning strike. On our first stop at Camping World of Katy Texas, the technician replaced a fuse and got it going for a little while, but, it didn’t last for long. Because we like to camp in heavily timbered areas, we have always had a remote dish that we could find a small clearing for, to be able to receive programming. We’ve been using it exclusively since the King Dome went out. But it takes up a bit of space and is showing signs of wear and tear from all of the travel. Down in the Rio Grande River Valley we borrowed a screw gun and four self tapping screws to get the dish going again. Today was our appointment with the sattelite tech here at Camping World. He confirmed what we had been suspecting for some time now. It wasn’t patchable this time, it would need replacement. Here is a photo that I took as the tech checked the circuit board on the back of the switch panel.100_1508 

A check of the manufacturer’s parts database revealed that no parts were being made for that model and existing stocks had been used up. The manufacturer was now producing a different, more efficient model. Complete replacement would be necessary. While it was in the shop, the time was right to install a new system. The tech got busy and in a short period of time, we were back in business.

Our old double switch system was replaced with a single switch set up. Here is a look:


Then the dome was replaced with this one:

100_1514 We are back in business ! Hooray ! We can leave that tripod dish home most of the time now.

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