Sunday, March 14, 2010


This short video starts off right at the campsite where our cook shack, kitchen and camp fire were last year. There is no construction here. The construction is over on the West camp ground side.

The construction may cause overflow from the new side, into this side. The total number of campsites is reduced by maybe as much as 40% at Kirby Landing.

Here is the new sign at the entrance, with the cost increase and “refreshed” stay limits. There is no definite word as of yet about the value of the senior pass.


The new senior pass rate should be $9.00 per day if the card isn’t devalued by the Corps of Engineers.

If the pass is honored at it’s stated value then the 14 day stay would be $126.00 . However you would have to move out for a day or two before returning, possibly loosing your campsite to someone else.

There is another FREE, No STAY LIMIT camp ground at Lake Greeson. It is Rock creek CG, and it is about six  miles of dirt road into it. I’ll post a link to photos and narrative of it on the next blog entry.

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