Monday, March 29, 2010


Because we know that our aging body’s will require longer and better periods of rest and recovery time, we know that one day we will, out of necessity, need a larger trailer.

We think that we will likely move into a fifth wheel of some kind. A sad day it will be indeed, it will be, when we have to part with our beloved Ollie !

But knowing that nothing halts the march of time or the deterioration of our bodies, we are trying to get ready. We have bought a fifth wheel hitch for the new tow vehicle. You should have seen the look on the guy’s face when I asked him to install one ! He gave us an incredulous look and exclaimed, ‘but, you don’t even have a fifth wheel trailer !”

What could I do but give him a “sheepish’ grin and say “yeh, I know”.

Here is a look at “harm’s folly”


The truck already had a “Hidden Hitch” by B & W . Which was for a “goose neck” trailer ball. Here is what it looks like with the ball in the hidden position.


The B & W “ companion hitch also fits into that same socket and latches down with a “pin release” rod/handle that is out of sight under the driver’s side rear fender well.


The fifth wheel un pins and sets out of the pickup bed, to return it to a useable hauling space.

He, he, that companion hitch looks kind of funny, sittin’ there in the Ollie shed, on the ground, all by it’s self.

Even Betty, is beginning to call the hitch “Harm’s Folly”. No amount of explaining that I am just trying to look ahead has been able to convince her that I have totally “lost it !”

So far, in my defense, I have only been able to say, “well it was a bargain at that price !” 


Jim and Bobbie said...

So when does the search begin for the fifth wheel?

Happy Trails said...

Please wait until you see our new 5th wheel before you make a final decision! You will love it! Everybit as well thought out as the Oliver and more!

Oscar said...

Gollygeewiz Batman! A 5th wheel . . .

What'll Dillon & Poco do in all that extra room? I know ... you can toss in a few chipmunks and they can chase 'em around for fun.