Friday, March 5, 2010


After a nearby lightning strike scrambled the brain of our King Dome sattelite antenna, the tech at Camping World replaced it with a Winegard “Roadtrip” dome. Here is a look at the new one:

100_1513 It is smaller, lighter and will track faster than the old dome, yet, it picks up the television signals every bit as good !

A white dome wasn’t available when we needed one, so we wound up with a black dome. Maybe it will grow on me.


Our Arkansas Farm Bureau Adjuster, Luke, has absolutely taken care of everything for us while we are out on the road with repairs. Thanks Luke !

Update ! As we were in Camping World saying

good bye to our new friends, our service writer Frank came up to tell us that he had located a white replacement cover for our dome ! Hooray ! here is a look:

100_1530 That looks ever so much better to us ! Thanks Frank !

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