Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Because we have only been home for 14 days  since last May 5th. , we  have began to see some things that our constant use is wearing upon. The most obvious of these things is the aftermarket carpet step cover at the entrance. We are on our fourth one now. They are designed to catch stuff before it is tracked into the trailer. They work, but some are better than others. While in North Dakota at the Sugar Beet Harvest, the carpet became impregnated with beet mud and worn badly. When we left to work the Amazon CHRISTmas season in Coffeyville Kansas, we stopped in De Moines Iowa at Camping World and bought a replacement step cover.  It was also carpet. That was the third week in November. The last day of February, we pulled the newest one off. The sand on Padre Island had taken it’s toll. Here is a look:

The edge wore quickly because of the abrasiveness of the beach sand I expect.100_1503 As the old step cover came off, we placed it by the new one for comparison.

100_1504 The old one and the new one are quite different in appearance, texture and function. The new one is made with deep pile, long leaf, turf style plastic material, with a porous backing that we think will shed the grit and maybe not wear so quickly.100_1506A similar material makes up the mat in front of the step to provide a primary grit removal step.

So, how’s it going to work and what will it’s life expectancy be ? Only time will tell, but our initial impression is that the new set up will be much tougher.

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