Monday, March 22, 2010


Our boat trailer has a permanent license plate on it, so, why not our boat’s registration ?

It didn’t cost much, but it does come up every so often. Why not a registration number that is owner applied and permanent ? The trip to the county seat cost more than the registration renewal.


I was able to update the boat’s insurance and pay the premium on line as part of the getting ready to go to the lake for Jugfest2010.

Checked up on the bait traps, they are still wrapped up in a tarp out in the boat shed and the two dozen jug lines are still in the boat shed, all wrapped up in a tarp, waiting to go to the lake !

Talked to AL and he said that he had found some true turn hooks of a size that we like and picked up a few. The reason that we like the true turn hook is that they have an offset in the shaft portion of the hook that results in a better hooked fish. Meaning  less damage to the fish by tearing out due to a poorly set hook.

Al & I will both be bringing tackle and traps as well as live boxes to Jugfest. Hope to see everybody there !

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