Thursday, March 25, 2010


Three bait traps & a live box.  100_1620 Here is the stack of Bait traps and the live box, just after unwrapping the protective tarp.  No Puff Adder excitement this year. But I did notice that Betty was standing in the back door of the house looking out towards the boat shed. You know, just incase something funny might happen. He, he, she’s rotten like that !100_1621The bait trap sits at the correct depth , flat on the bottom. The small square cage in the center, holds the bait. The vee slots in the four sides let the bait fish in to the bait.100_1623The live box is designed to stake or tie to the bank, and float in deeper water . It is designed to be accessed out on the water, from the boat if needed. And it lets us keep fish in good shape until ready to clean them.

Fishin’, we got it on our mind !

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