Sunday, March 21, 2010

NO !

After spending weeks on Padre Island we thought it was safe to come home.   .  .  .  .  . NOT !

The horrible S word has insidiously crept back into our vocabulary.


A fast moving front has deposited a couple of inches of snow here and one side of the large hardwood trees in our yard, have a layer of pasted on snow, from top to bottom.

A fresh pot of coffee,

100_1598 A couple of big chunks of wood in the stove,

100_1599 Then, outside for a couple of quick photos.

100_1600 Ollie in the RV shed.

The latest Tow


Vehicle for us. Woo Hoo ! Just look at that grill guard on the front ! Man, it looks like the cow catcher on a locomotive ! Oh, yeah, a redneck boy’s dream come true !

100_1601Oh, but this snow can’t last for very long. Yesterday, Spring arrived in the afternoon and it was tee shirt warm at 70* ! The ground temperature is too high for it to last. And, we’ve gotta’ get ready for the Lake ! It won’t be long now before we’re with our friends at JUGFEST2010 !

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