Monday, March 15, 2010


Out with the old and in with the new.

Our old power cord door left a lot to be desired. They say that Jim Oliver never did like it. It comes up short in so many areas, but mostly it looked somewhat flimsy. And, indeed the small trap door that the cord passes through, comes off, and gets lost so often, that we just finally quit looking for it.

Ollies that were made after ours, had a new and vastly improved design that we liked, so we called Robert and the guys in the shop prepared one for us to install.  Jason the parts guy shipped it right on out to us. We have been carrying it around with us for awhile now. My only excuse is that we have been so busy chasing sunshine down on Padre Island, that we didn’t take the time to install it.

Today however, was install day. Here is a look.


The finished job.


The old door.


The old cord fairlead. The foam sleeve was used to wrap the power cord, filling the gap around the missing trap door.

Here is a short video of the old and new together.

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