Sunday, March 14, 2010


Because of rising campsite rates and the possibility that our Senior Pass may be devalued by the Corps of Engineers, at the Lake Greeson, Kirby Landing Camp Ground. Along with construction type growing pains, we took a look at other options should the majority of the Jugfesters deem a move necessary. This blog entry is somewhat of a report to our fellow jugfesters

The one that Betty and I have always liked the best is the Big Fir Campground. It is FREE and there is NO apparent STAY LIMIT. Which would be cool for those that want more lake time. It has recently been refurbished with some new grills, lantern poles, picnic tables replaced on some sites and the outhouses redone. It looks better than I can remember it ever looking in the last fifteen years. They have ran electricity out there, but haven’t installed it.

There is no water or electricity. It would require some jugfesters to share solar or generator time with a neighbor. However, our trailers are small enough that we can double up on a space and readily share, if that is the way the majority  decides to go.

Lake Ouachita, Housley Point, Big Fir Camp Ground. A quick video look:

Here are a few still photos of the Big Fir CG:


The entrance sign.


Campsite #2, looking West towards Mountain Harbor Marina. The closest place for Ice.


The vault type toilets have new screens Paint and shingles.


The old hand pump well house has new shingles and paint.


This campsite is right out on the point and is looking right at four of the over 100 islands in the 34 mile long lake. The closest two are called Hot Dog and Hamburger because of their shape.


A look across a campsite to the boat launch .100_1577

Many of the areas old time fishermen camp here faithfully and you won’t believe the tales that they tell about the good old days.

We also videoed the Kirby landing CG where we stayed last year. That report follows in the next blog entry.

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