Thursday, March 4, 2010


Steven F. Austin State Park near San Felipe Texas, is a pretty cool place. We went geocaching there today and were the first to find a Boy Scout cache hidden along a hiking trail. While there we met Vagabond Tom, a fellow geocacher and Casitan. Tom is Hosting at the RV park there but also works as a Red Cross Volunteer and could be called up for the Chile quake relief effort. Here is a look at Tom’s Casita and solar power setup. The solar panels are mounted on top of his van.

100_1526 Tom has 300 + watts of solar power feeding nine AGM Batteries.100_1521 Tom’s Casita, like our Oliver, is a Geocaching Travel Bug.100_1522 Tom is an Escapee and a Dove.

100_1523 He has combined both interests in an Escapees group he formed.100_1524 While there I grabbed a travel bug from Tom that is on it’s way to Australia.

100_1525Here is a look at the TB.

100_1527  We will try to place it near an airport cache.

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Vagabond Tom said...

It's a common mistake, but I am American Red Cross Disaster Relief, not International Red Cross. Some ARC volunteers have the extra training and go to other countries, but I just go to the US and the territories - so no Chile for me! Vagabond Tom