Monday, March 8, 2010


I know ya’ have been a’ wonderin’ ! About all of that stuff. You know what i’m a’ talkin’ bout’. All of that stuff stacked on the Jeep roof. Wonderful stuff, that we hauled back to Arkansas from the Padre Island Beach.

We made daily forays, way off, many miles down the shoreline of the Gulf Of Mexico, searching, searching, ever so diligently searching, for unusual and wonderful beach trophies. It was the focus of many whiled away days, of beach combing during our Winter’s stay on Padre Island.

Piled high on our Jeeps Expedition Rack, they stuck out like a sore thumb, garnering covetous glances from even the most jaded beach dwellers. The stuff’s journey has ended. It will slowly photo degrade into obscurity as passing mountaineers on their way to deer camp, expel a stream of Beach Nut chewing tobacco out of the window, all the while wondering, just what that mountainborn has drug up this time.

As you can see in the photos, there aren’t hardly any neighbors to offend with our redneck presentation of beach trophies. About all there is along our very rural dirt road is the mail carrier and the neighbors across the hollow from us. Here is a look:


100_1542 100_1543 100_1544 100_1545


Pete said...

You keep that up and the neighbors will start calling you "BeachBoy"!

Then they'll expect you to dye your hair blond and do your outdoor chores in a thong . . . are ya hearin' them banjos yet?

he, he, he

mountainborn said...


Happy Trails said...

Hahaha! Glad to hear you are home safe and sound! Did you ever meet up with Pete while in Texas??? Have ya begun packon' for the JugFest 2010?

mountainborn said...

Never get up with Pete & Oscar. Like us, they had a lot of stuff going on. Our never ending saga of the refrigerator repair just seemed to eclipse everything. We did trade several calls and decided that we would get caught up on all that cool stuff at Jugfest2010.