Saturday, March 20, 2010


I guess that we all trade tow vehicles from time to time. As our towing needs change because of various factors, such as the highway types we travel, elevations that we spend a lot of time at, fuel costs and so  on and so forth, we may need to trade. When high mileage begins to rear it's ugly head, or, we are just simply doing things differently, or, maybe, we just might see a tow vehicle that we really like.
A tow vehicle that suits me just fine right now, may not be as suitable next year. We recently found ourselves in that position. Luckily, a Recently retired State Trooper friend decided to trade in his farm truck, that had been some what depreciated, in on a lighter truck that met his current needs.
His old truck was one that just simply struck a responsive chord in our hearts. Though it was the same year, an 08', as our Jeep, it had only a little less than 1/4 of the miles on it, that the Jeep had. A Ford dealer friend called me to say, "harm, ya' gotta' take a look at this one !". We did, and he was right, we fell for it instantly. He had been after us to trade in our Jeep, he also has the Jeep dealership, because he had his eye on it for deer hunting, ect..
It just seemed right for all of us, so we put a pencil to it, made a few adjustments, decided that it was good for all, and did it.
The dealer has a Jeep he has been wanting. The Trooper has the new pickup he was wanting. And, we now are pulling our Ollie with a 6.4 liter, twin turbo, diesel Ford pickup. White of course, to match our Ollie !
It is dark outside and sleet is spazmodicly falling, so photos will have to wait till later.
We are about to learn what it is like to climb those Rocky Mountain Passes with ample horsepower this Summer !


Happy Trails said...

Did you get a truck with a long bed??? So you can pull a fifth wheel ???? Grin :-)

B. Schell said...

Congrats on the new tow rig. You can tow in overdrive easily now. Beware of the new "bigger" trailer fever. After I bought my 2008 F-350 V-10 I started looking at bigger trailers. My 21' Rockwood is easy to pull, park, wash etc. so I'm staying with it for now. I had a 2002 Dodge diesel and know that the first time you start climbing a Rocky Mountain pass and those turbo's kick in you won't be able to stop smiling. Enjoy!!!

Jim and Bobbie said...

Congratulations on the new towing truck. Seems there are a lot of us who are upgrading our rigs or towing vehicles. Must be the Year of Change somehow. See you soon in Colorado. Bobbie