Friday, March 19, 2010


The U.S. Corps of Engineers has decided not to cut the value of our Senior pass ! It is still good for a 50% discount !  Huuh Raah !


Never been to Jugfest before ? Want a quick ( 28 second ) look at last year's campsites ? Here is a link to a YouTube video that was taken on March 14th of this year.
The lake level had risen about a foot since Al & Fran had been over there looking at it a couple of weeks earlier. Rising lake levels generally mean better fishing. Dropping lake levels generally mean poor fishing.
In the Spring of the year, quickly passing thunder storms can bring brief periods of high winds. Because of that we camp beside a well sheltered small inlet, just off of the Bear Creek inlet, that leads out into the main body of the Lake. Because the boats are shore tied, they need the shelter. The short Spring time thunder boomers usually pass through quickly and the sunshine comes back out. Many times they pass through during the night leaving behind a fresh, mild, Spring morning for us to pick up the jugs.  AAAhhh, yes, easing down the inlet at an idle, coffee cup on the dashboard, honey bun in one hand, good friends chatting and joking, while seated around the boat. The excitement and anticipation of a good catch as we pick up the jugs, then suddenly, a dazzling flash as the first rays of sunshine zip past us down the Lake ahead, illuminating the islands in the distance. You can hear the instant hush of the crowd and their collective sudden intake of breath as they take in the magnificence of the moment.
That's when you know that it was well worth the pre dawn wake up.

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