Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Though they are somewhat dented, dinged and a little misshaped, the bait traps and live box are good working tools. And one of the main ingredients of a successful Spring time fishing trip to the Lake.BaitTraps They have sat for a year now, out in the boat shed. Wrapped in an old tarp to protect them from the elements. Their last use was at Jugfest2009. As usual they did their job well, and it was a good time at the lake with friends and family.

They have gathered a few leaves from the large oak trees that the boat shed sits under. One year there was a puff adder in one of them. The snake had been in there catching mice from a nest. He gave me quite a start.

I guess that i’ll pull that tarp off a little more carefully and look the traps over closer this year before I pick them up. If there had been a camera on me that time, there would be some great video footage of my finest hillbilly break dancin’ !

It’s time to start getting them there traps ready for Jugfest2010.


Bill K said...

I would loved to have seen you when you saw that snake. LOL

mountainborn said...

Those traps are held together with tarp straps and I had picked up the whole bundle of them up before I saw the snake. That meant that I was holding that old puff adder waaaaayyyyy too close to me for comfort ! I let out a holler and instantly levitated back, leaving the traps and snake suspended in mid air for a second.
Though he gave me a bad scare, I released the door so he could get out. I hope he is still around here somewhere catching field mice.