Friday, March 12, 2010


The salt air during our beach stay for the Winter had little effect on our Oliver. However it was easy for even the un trained eye to tell which of the hardware fittings were really stainless and which were merely chrome plated.

Here is a look at the curbside outside light. Obviously it is stainless.


Here is a look at our wheel hub covers and lug nuts after weeks at the beach. Obviously they are chrome .


But there is good news. They readily clean up with just a little Auto wash that has carnuba wax in it. Here is a after photo.


Here is a look at the wash and the scouring pad that I used.


After a light scrubbing, the rust was gone. I then took the full strength auto wash and applied it to the hub and lug nuts, let it sit for a couple of minutes then rinsed with tap water.

By the time we meet up with folks at Jugfest 2010 we will know how well it holds up.

He, he, you know I “borrowed” the scouring pad from Betty’s Country Kitchen.


And used the bathroom sink as a work area. The project seems to have went ok, but I am wondering about that “tight lipped” expression she is wearing this afternoon.

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Bill K said...

That look means you are in deep dodo. LOL

Bill Kelleher