Saturday, January 9, 2010


Nationwide many companys work staff participate in "dress down" Fridays. Which in an camping enviroment is totally acceptable and adds to the over ambiance of casual comfort. Today was very cold outside and it was Friday, blue jeans were right on !
Naturally my own personal contribution to the ambiance was wearing my blue dennim bib overhauls. He, he, still a redneck, even amidst all of the ambiance.

Though the facilities are fabulous and the amenities are many, it is the staff, the people, that make this place humm with solutions and excitement.
The people like Gregg who finds time away from family to help the Marine Corps Toys for tots program, Mike who will go out of his way to clear the ice from a solo Ladie's water hose regulator or a shop man that answers questions for Betty around the coffee pot before work.
It is the people who go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, show you the very latest in RV's, provide answers, arrive at quality solutions and make your repairs.
This place is cool, but the folks here, the people, are the coolest of all !


Pete said...

Leave it to you to make a fun travel log entry about your time at an RV repair center! But then again, you seem to have fun wherever you go . . . :)

What's the latest on the fridge?

Chris said...

Well they just left our facility, I for one am going to miss talking with them .They are the coolest customers I have ever meet here. I love Larry’s stories; Betty has some good ones too! Think y’all should write a book. Well I reckon I should be getting back to work now. Will follow y’all on your blog, God Bless & be careful out there.