Friday, January 15, 2010


First Light, Pre Dawn on the beach in front of our campsite on Padre Island

High tide during the night had left this jelly fish on the beach

Beach bums seem to just naturally gather up at Surf, Sun and Sand locations !

This sign is at the end of the pavement where it ends at the beach. There is sixty miles of deserted beach ahead before reaching the Mansfield cut that seperates the North and the South Padre Islands, he, he, then it is sixty miles to get back.

Mile markers are posted every five miles all of the way down to the cut.

Everything you can imagine will sooner or later wash up on this deserted beach !

And there are beachcombers that know how to put it to good use !

Note the sandy feet sticking out of the shack. Beach combing is very hard work, but somebody just has to do it. His bicycle pulls a trailer to haul his beach trophys back to the shack, along with his fishing poles.

Very early start as we head for the mansfield cut. Pre dawn at the thirty five mile marker

Large buoys of different types have washed up along the beach


Jim and Bobbie said...

Great shots, thank you. Bobbie

Happy Trails said...

Larry, you and Betty are having entirely too much fun and you both deserve it!