Friday, January 8, 2010


Camping World RV Supercenter Katy Texas, Video # 2. A quick look at the shop area bays and campsites with water and electricity.
The upload of the video above didn't take long with five bars of 3G signal and line speeds that are shown in the photo below:

Conectivity at the Katy Texas Camping World is also available to it's patrons in the Internet Lounge:

The individual connections look like this:

Right next to the Internet Bar is the refreshment area:

And the restrooms:

It is pretty cool to be able to catch up on your correspondence while your Oliver is being serviced !
Popcorn is always available in the refreshment area:

This morning it was 24* and right after breakfast we made a bee line for the refreshment area and the coffee pot. It has been great visiting with the very knowlegeable sales and technical staff here at Katy. We have shared some good times around the coffee pot before the work day starts.

The service desk with our service writer Aaron at the right:
Here is Service Manager Frank at the service entrance desk:

After checking in at the service desk, your service writer will make sure he knows what you need by doing an inspection of the problem area with you. Then your RV is assigned a tracking number and your name is put on that number tag. Now, I like that, they want everyone that works on your RV to know your name. You aren't just a number. Here is a look:

So, how is it going for this old Arkansas boy with the tiny plastic trailer that is among the very large RV's ? Pretty darn well ! In fact we are getting the exact same treatment as every one else that comes through the doors here at Camping World in Katy Texas. Even my crusty Redneck personality doesn't put off these professionals, they are totally focused on providing the best RV service around.

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drpsycho1 said...

From The Pictures And The Postings, It Sounds Like You're Having A Fascinating And Educational Experience In Katy, Texas. Man What A RV Center!!!Hope You're On Your Way Soon. But, It Sounds Like You Kind Of Like It There. Ed.