Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No finger pointing, no recriminations, no bad feelings about our refrigerator repair. We just left out Monday about 6 PM, in the dark, with the empty, non working fridge turned off and our perishibles in an ice chest on the trail rack of the Jeep.
Ok, I give in, WELL CRAP ! There, now i'm all better about it.
We ran South ahead of the worst cold of the Winter so far, stopping to overnight in Nacadochoches Texas, behind an Ihop. Breakfasted there and immediately headed South again for Katy Texas.
We are there now, parked at Camping world where they will look at the fridge in the morning. We were met by a service writer named Aaron, that took notes all through our conversation about the trial and error process the other Rv place had been through. We listed three things to be looked at, all of which could be related to nearby lightning strikes. We dropped the trailer in a campsite and in a few minutes a forklift came to take it inside the service bay for diagnostics while we looked this very large, nice Camping World over.
Here is a look at our campsite.


drpsycho1 said...

Larry, Good Luck With Your Repairs. Where Are You Headed After The Repairs Are Done? Florida For The Wedding? Have A Good Trip. Missed Your Postings In The Last Few Days. Ed.

Pete said...

Look on the bright side . . . with these frigid temps everywhere you don't need ice for your cooler!

mountainborn said...

Thanks Ed ! Still waiting for parts and doing the area tourist thing.