Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We always wanted to have a cool Padre Island mailing address, but there is no USPS post office on the island. But all wasn't lost ! There is this way on cool place that fills many communications needs at one great stop. It is good to check our mail box, get a cup of our favorite latte, go on line, pay bills, video chat with the grandkids, or should the laptop not be with us, use the in place PC.

The various time zones around our Nation, and indeed the world, effect the way we communicate and conduct our business. The friendly staff and the time zone clocks on the wall, help us to quickly factor in those time differences to more efficiently get our stuff done.

The large, sturdy family table has more than enough room to spread out your mail and sip leisurely on a latte as you sort it out.

Something in the mail need your immediate attention ? No sweat ! The friendly and very helpful staff have all of the needed supplies to reply, ship, mail or e-communicate in several different modes, to fill your needs. Need to send a small gift or card ? Need shipping containers or laminations ? Yep, your'e in the right place the Vida Dulce gift botique is ready to respond with clever, trendy items.

Just look at the infectious smiles of folks that are ready to assist you. I think that this great staff must be one of the most valuable assets of this nifty small business.

The logo on the door says much about the atmosphere in this efficiently run, but laidback place.

A seperate after hours key access for box holders only, is a great thing.

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