Friday, January 29, 2010


As yet another ice storm approaches Arkansas, we are camped on the beach at Padre Island Texas.

Sometime after lunch, we will likely spend considerable time worrying about such lofty matters as, should we grill out this evening, or wait until tomorrow. Geeze ! It’s always something to fret over. Maybe we should wait to consider that issue after nap time.100_1218 Or maybe after a stroll along the beach picking up trophy stuff.

100_1160 You know, shells n’ such.


The dang weather here is just a killin’ me. I’m about to burn up in these bib overhauls, maybe Betty will dig out my cut off bib overhauls.


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Happy Trails said...

Well it looks like ya'll are finally getting a well deserved rest after all the beet harvestin' and Amazon.comn'! Grin! I'm happy to know that ya'll are having so much fun! Geri