Sunday, January 24, 2010


It was a little foggy on this particular morning as we videoed the sunrise and scan around the Malaquite campground on Padre Island Texas.

As you enter the campground, one of the first things that you will see is the self registration station. There are no hookups. You use what you brung ! The water for your fresh water tank is located a few yards outside the campsites on the road as you come in, by the dump and flushing station. Generator quiet hours are from 10 PM till 6 AM. Most folks have solar panels but run their geneerators occasionaly. The sweet part of this place is the location and the price. It is right on one of America's finest beaches with picnic tables, sun shades, fresh water rinse off showers, stainless steel BBQ pits and all for $4. per day, with the Senior Pass !

Fresh water rinse off showers are conveniently located and do double duty as a shower. They shower in their swim suit and bring a towel and bar of soap with them.

Note how Dillon is acting while posing for the photo on the shower platform. He, he, he's afraid he's gona' get another bath !

There ar lots of whitetail deer on Padre Island. They will come up in camp looking for a handout.

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Oscar said...

Hey Dillon! You tell Larry that he needs to demonstrate how to shower in that outdoorsy thing first. He has to use that little camo-thingy from so you can take a picture and put it on the web page, OK?

How long will you be sunning on the beach? Perhaps I can ask my driver to take me down there . . .