Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The low angle of the early morning sun seems to accent the tapered curve of the beautifully restored Port Isabel lighthouse. When the stucco layer was being renovated they discovered many graffiti signatures of Civil War Era Millitary people that were here during the various occupations

The grounds at the lighthouse are meticiously and loveingly maintained. There is a ancient mesquite tree in the compound that allowed us to sit in it's shade and listen to it gently humming to us in the light breeze. We soon began to realize that it wasn't a hum at all, but instead, as we began to listen more closely, in the morning calm, tales of ancient sights it had seen.

Each corner of the street intersections nearby have these grand medallions imbedded in a beautiful setting of antiqued brick. At first glance it would be easy for them to be mistalen for a simple manhole cover. Then as you stroll nearby, you note that they have faces and information that just seems to inescapeably draw your attention. It is a wonderful way to mark a historical site.

Click for a larger look at the diagram of the lighthouse

At the nearby Pirates Landing we came across this heavily armed buccaneer

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