Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday morning we stopped by the service desk to talk to our service writer, Aaron, to get an update on our Ollie's repairs. Circuit board on order, King Dome to be looked at by technician right after lunch and the buss transfer system repair had been been completed. Hooray ! We are back to the power reel instead of having to plug into the generator's power inlet.
When we returned from the days adventures in Rosenberg and Kemah, the gate was still open at Camping world, so we parked inside instead of outside. We were not going out anymore for the evening. The Security Patrol locks up at 1800 hours. Yeh, cool place eh ? The television could be seen playing off of the King Dome, as we parked by the Ollie. The technician had left it on so we would know that the repair was completed. COOL ! Progress ! And it all happened while we were doing the town ! Yeah, I am likeing this.
We are up at nearly 4AM having hot chocolate and posting to the blog. A heavy rain woke us up. Today we will go by the service desk to check on the progress of our refrigerator's circuit board order and to report that one of our electric jack's ( highway side ) switches has went out, falling loose in it's socket. Couldn't have happened at a better place. Better here than when we are somewhere way down Mustang Island.
After getting our morning repairs status update we stopped into the Camping World's refreshment Center for coffee, it was there that we ran into some of the sales staff from over in the RV sales section. A great and a rowdy bunch. We shared several laughs then they gave us a couple of small items as souvineers before we left out for the day. Here is a quick look:

The Camping World hat and a stress reliever squeezeie, a toy class c Rv.
Then we were off for the day's adventures in the Houston area.
As we post to the blog, the heavy rain is still coming down and we may spend the day catching up on the latest newly released movies at a large multi theater nearby, then lunch somewhere cool. The king dome just lost signal because of the heavy rain while we were checking on the days forecast. Oh, yeah, it's much, much better than the sub freezing temperatures back in Arkansas !
He, he, yep, we're really having to struggle with all of these repairs.... ... ... NOT !
Camping World, Katy Texas, a cool place !

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