Thursday, January 28, 2010


It is a lazy kind of morning here on Padre Island, even the US Coast Guard over flights seem to be just loafing along.100_1152 Looking out across the Gulf of Mexico and watching a string of pelicans who are also loafing along, fly in perfect formation, much like synchronized swimmers, Betty and I are reviewing photos of our day trips to Nuevo Progresso Mexico. Here are a few that may give a glimpse into the atmosphere of that border town.

2010-01-20 09.44.32  Just after dropping your quarter into the turnstile to pay the toll for the foot crossing of the international bridge. You see this welcome sign. The toll is .25 each way.

2010-01-20 09.45.53 Great shades of Grannis ! We thought we were back at the Chicken plant there for a minute ! Cool art work and enough children have enjoyed it that the rooster’s back is shiny  from them climbing up to have their photo taken.

2010-01-20 09.50.57 A friendly bus driver with a tour from Germany took this one at the poolside statue. L to R, Larry, Betty, Paul, Nancy.

100_1157 Sidewalk vendors sell just about anything one might imagine.

2010-01-20 10.25.38 Shops are just packed with more stuff than you can look at.

2010-01-20 12.44.40 Paul & Nancy examine supplies for their RV.

2010-01-20 12.49.54 There is great architecture, in Progresso.

2010-01-20 13.27.23Lots of porticos and shaded sidewalks.

2010-01-20 13.05.58  These fellows seem to be enjoying a cool one while their Wives shop. Or, maybe they have been “Parked” and out from under foot ?

2010-01-20 13.36.52 “Shopped out” Winter Texans file through the Port of Entry, display their Passports, state their Nationality and declare taxable purchase if any. The Customs tax never comes to much, usually pocket change.

I guess it had been a long day for us also. I couldn’t seem to get my thumb out of the camera lens !

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