Sunday, January 31, 2010


The thing about Graffiti is that someone has a message for you. 100_1064 It

may be harmless fun on the beach.

Or proud residents100_1136 that want to promote their community.

Or it could be 100_1138 a warning about just who is in control of the streets.

On our way 100_1139  to visit the Confederate Air force Museum in Brownsville Texas, we saw this. We couldn’t help but wonder, what if we had planned to arrive the night before ( over night in this parking lot ) and be at the museum when it opened. Note that the tags are un challenged by xing out, painting over or disrespecting it by corrupting it’s meaning.

These gangsters are clearly in charge of this neighborhood. “SUR 13” is the southern United States branch of the MS 13 that has been featured so prominently in Television  documentaries about criminal gangs in America.

So, when planning an over nite on a parking lot some where, be sure to do your reading up on the neighborhood. There may be a message there for you, one you really need to know about.

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