Saturday, January 9, 2010


He, he, nope ! It ain't fob, as in watch fob. It is Forward Operating Base. Repairs are completed, on FOB Ollie, at Camping World Supercenter in Katy Texas and we have hit the road South down US Hwy 59 towards the Gulf of Mexico. We stopped for lunch at Bob's Taco Station, you know we just couldn't pass through Rosengerg without it. We traded calls on the fly to locate some friends that are already down in the Rio Grande River valley and to let them know that we had finnaly left Katy, but with everything accomplished.
We arrived in Aransas Pass Texas right at dark, have fueled the Jeep, the 3000 watt Yamaha genset and picked up an extra five gallons of gas for emergencys. We are now at a laundromat and will overnight nearby. After breakfast we will cross the bridge and then the ferry over to Mustang Island. We will set up our FOB at Malaquite Beach, doing short day trips down the Island. As we locate a place that suits us we will move FOB Ollie further down the island to shorten daily drives and increase our daily doseage of Sun, Sand and Surf.
One of Betty's stops she wants to spend some time at, is Big Shell Beach, She has some kind of a collection in mind, I expect.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Hopefully next year we will be visiting Mustang Island and winter around there. Bobbier

Pete said...

Glad you guys are on the road again with everything working. Perhaps Oscar I can join you later at Boca Chica.