Monday, May 24, 2010


Spring time in the Rocky Mountains. Weather changes are the norm. Minutes after taking this photo,


as we were at the breakfast table looking out of the window, this was the view.


The startling blue skies had turned deep gray and snow began to come down. Lightly at first, but soon, heavier.

It is warmer here at 8500 feet, so the snow that originates up around 10,000, and is drifting down to us, will not likely last long. 

Sudden weather changes and all, it is great to be back in the Rocky Mountains. The humidity here this morning was a pretty dry 27% and I took the photos while wearing a tee shirt.

Before I could write this short blog entry, the sun was shinning again, He, he, the Rocky’s, ya’ gotta’ love em’ !

We will go into Chama new Mexico to check mail sometime today and maybe i’ll get a chance to post a few entrys up to the blog, getting caught up for a change !


B. Schell said...

Looks like you're at Aspen Glade. I talked to my parents today (they're camping near Gunnison) and they got a light dusting of snow. Glad ya'll got to Colorado safely. Have fun.

B. Schell said...

Well I just scrolled down and noticed all your other posts. I didn't have to guess that you're at Aspen Glade, you said so (I really need to wake up :)

Jim and Bobbie said...

Where's your deal advertisement?