Saturday, May 1, 2010


As one of those classic Springtime thunder boomers passed through last night, everybody denned up in their little plastic trailers.100_1845

We kept in touch with each other by the FRS radios. Most of us keep up with the weather by using a cell phone program of some kind, so we all chose a different one to monitor.  Different ones have longer or shorter time lags built into them. Some were using TV to watch the weather channel.

The weather event turned into quite a social event.

Our 3g device ( air card ) had very good, un wavering signal and I monitored Intellicast on the internet.

Though there were Tornado’s in Arkansas, none were near us. We felt that if a tornado was spotted we could go to the concrete shower house for shelter, before the Corps of Engineers Ranger could make the round of notifications.

There are hundreds of campers here and it takes the Ranger awhile to notify. So, in keeping with our philosophy that we are ultimately each responsible for our own safety, instead of someone else, we chose to be proactive and monitor weather and make informed decisions based on that information.

The air is washed clean and is ever so fresh this morning ! It’s gona’ be another great day at the Lake !


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

We like your blog. Jugfest looks like a great time with friends. Some day I would like to be in your area in the spring and see what all the fun is about.
Chuck Moore

Jim and Bobbie said...

Hay Chuck and Jan-Larry here worked with us at in Kansas and will be with us in Kentucky this winter. Also Larry and Betty camphosts in Colorado for the same concessionaire as we do....about 60 miles from us near Antonito. He has a good and fun blog. You'll enjoy his humor, Chuck.

JOJO said...

Hi Larry and Betty,
Glad the weather turned better for you all out there. It can be something sitting in a small rig with winds like that. Makes our little houses really rock. We are getting some really high winds here today.
Memorial went well yesterday check fb