Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today as we went to Chama New Mexico to check the mail, go by the hardware store and take care of a few other chores, we stopped by the road that leaves the highway and starts the climb up to the Trujillo Meadows campground. We turned in to the road and began the climb to see if we could get through to the campground.

As we turned off of the asphalt we found this Forest Service Notice posted.


We were able to climb up the road for nearly a mile, but at the top of the mountain, the road became a snow mobile trail.


Disappointed, we engaged the four wheel drive and turned around, knowing that it would several days more before we might be able to get into the campground.

Then, in addition, we knew that there was a place that every year the drifts were always very deep and the sun couldn’t reach. That place was still further yet, about a half mile past where we had to stop. There was no doubt that we hadn’t seen the worst of the snow blockage yet.

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B. Schell said...

Wow, your own private national forest campground for 2 weeks? Do the camp hosts get to stay in place while the construction is in progress? The evenings will sure be nice and quite. That's going to cut into your firewood sales though.