Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On our recently acquired fifth wheel, the fresh water and all three holding tanks are located between the frame rails, under the basement. They told us that the basement and the underbelly were both heated. But the sales staff didn’t know about things like cubic feet per. minute or duct size.

Today I made it a point to have a look see for myself. When we workamp in North Dakota near the Canadian Border and in Campbellsville Kentucky, the weather can be quite fierce because it is late in the year.

Total freeze up happens to those that aren’t ready for the serious wind chill conditions. Staying in a totally frozen trailer while trying to complete a workamper assignment might be nearly impossible. Completing the assignment means a bonus for each of us. A bonus that we will enjoy while down on Padre island in January.

Here is a look at the basement and underbelly heat duct system.


The silver duct runs down into the underbelly and puts hot air right between the 46 gallon black water tank and the 46 gallon front gray water tank. The rear 46 gallon gray tank has another heat duct between it and the other side of the black water tank.

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