Wednesday, May 5, 2010


JUGFEST2010 is in the bag ! It’s over with. Done. Kaput. Finished.

Our Annual Oliver community is starting to disband until next year.

We caught some really good fish and plenty of them too. Had some great times on the Lake and enjoyed great times with good friends.

Tom & Karen left out ahead of the storms that would have blocked their way, getting home in fine form.


Steve and Tali are back on the job in the work a day world.


Chuck & Geri are still parked at Greeson, but she’s recovering in the hospital. Now that’s some serious partying down, when you have to go to the hospital to get over it ! Woo Hoo ! Rock on Geri !

Aubry & the boys are still at Greeson, but will leave for South Carolina today sometime.


Pete & Oscar will be staying at the Lake for a few more days before heading out to meet up with Lane for the ROUTE 66 Little plastic trailers rally.

Now that’s going to be very cool, hope Oscar keeps his camera busy for all of us !


Glenda and Jeff made it back to their home 20 in good form. Glenda started a project of photographing everyone’s trailer maybe she will post some of those pix on the Oliver Forums.

Keith and Sue may still be on the road on their way back home. They had other stops to explore.



Everybody got to catch large catfish and proudly display their fish.

Those that had room were able to take home some delicious fillets for scrumptious meals later.

There were so very many hilarious moments and swell times around the campfire. We will be telling and re telling the tales for years to come.

More later, with photos, of course !

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