Thursday, May 20, 2010


The Olympian Wave 3 Propane catalytic heater is mounted in it’s place. But we are running out of time to get everything done before we have to leave out for Colorado. So, I will have to find time to run the propane line to it, on down the road somewhere.

Here is a look at the heater that won’t heat, yet.


We really like our wave 3. It uses no electricity, is nearly 100% efficient and is totally silent. It is imperative, however, that windows be left open just a bit to insure a that a constant supply of life sustaining oxygen can migrate easily into the trailer.

In our Oliver we left the Fantastic Fan open just slightly and the same for the windows at the rear of the Ollie. A similar practice will be put in place in our Coleman fiver.

Each morning as we have breakfast and drink coffee while waiting for the Sun to come up, we plan our days “getting ready to go to Colorado” chore list. It seems to go on and on.

Will we ever get to the end of it ? Or will we just finally give up and leave out with stuff undone ?


Jim and Bobbie said...

Hurry up and come to Colorado already!!!! We moved into Park Creek yesterday. Mornings still in the 20s so bring them "long handles" with ya. We opened our campgrounds yesterday...early by 2 days and had our first customer last night. That's $15 down and thousands to go :)

mountainborn said...

SWEET ! We plan to head out in the morning.