Monday, May 17, 2010


As I sat there on the ancient tractor with the propane engine gently purring and the brush hog angrily whirring, I paused a moment to take it all in.


In a few brief seconds I had created a brand new spring in the North Pasture, out by the mail box and the water meter. WATER METER ! Oh geeze, now I remember what I placed that t post there for !

Yupper, I done it ! I brush Hogged up the water meter.

Right as Betty is getting lunch ready in the kitchen, the water goes off. All I had wanted to do is get in one last pass over the place before we leave for Colorado to host the campground. Here is a look.


Betty put the lunch on hold and went to town for fittings and pipe glue.

I hunted up the shovel and some tools. Simple you say ? Not ! Well not for me anyway. Betty gets back and I have the broken off fitting hack sawed out of the meter. I immediately stripped one of the new fittings and back to town Betty went. Man I am hungry by then.

When Betty gets back with the replacement parts she informs me that lunch can’t wait for another catastrophe.  By then I have mud from head to toe and am bleeding in a couple of places. Luckily the camper is in the yard being loaded so I was able to wash up for lunch. Betty made me stay my muddy self outside to wash up at the tip out sink.


The repair is made, lunch is behind us and we are waiting for the pvc glue to set before turning the water back on. I wonder is the saga of the new spring over with yet ?


Jim and Bobbie said...

Ilaughed myself silly reading this post. Good job.

drpsycho1 said...

Hello Larry, Glad All Is Well With The Water Faucet. Oh, By The Way, In The "REAL SOUTH," We Call It "Bush-Hogging," Not, Brush Hogging. I'm Originally From South Alabama/North Florida. Have A Great Trip To Your Summer Campground. Ed.

mountainborn said...

Hey Ed, same here But the kin folks out west have been there for so long they wanted to know why I would have a hog that needed to be brushed !