Thursday, May 20, 2010


While traveling in our Oliver we would often stop for a few hours sleep in the middle of the night. We would try to find a place that had as little highway noise as possible, where delivery trucks unloading noisily wouldn’t keep us up.  If possible, in a place where we would not draw attention to ourselves.

On this trip to Fort Benning Georgia to view a Grandson’s Basic Training graduation, we parked amid the vehicles parked for sale in front of a Citizens Band Radio shop. We seemed to just blend in. Kind of hiding in plain sight.

It was a very hot and muggy night so we ran the Yamaha generator to power the air conditioning.

Here is a short video of our stealth camping spot for a few hours sleep. Note that we are parked beside a camper that is for sale.

I wonder if it is possible to stealth camp in a 36 foot long fifth wheel that is pulled by a white one ton dually ? We leave for Colorado in the morning, so we’ll soon have our first try at stealth camping in a all white 54’ long tow vehicle and 5er. Sounds like we are in for a challenge !


Happy Trails said...

A STEALTH 36'er ??? Don't think so. The white would be the giveaway. Now ours is bronze n green n brown n tan and would be easier to put into a stealth mode. All that stuff that Betty STUFFED in will probably also give your Sunblocker a bloated look, hehehe!
See ya'll in Colorado iffen we kin get the Mothership up the mountain!
Chuck n Geri n 2 spoiled dogs

drpsycho1 said...

Good Luck On Your Trip And Great Traveling. Ed.