Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Our Ford Dually had a RV plug on the back bumper when we bought it. It worked well, but the light and brake cord had to run from the trailer’s neck, over the tailgate and down to the plug.

It made me a bit nervous, that cord hanging over the tail gate like that. So, while at Lakeside Metal Fabrication, I asked Johnny to put a plug inside the truck bed, where it would be less likely to catch on something while going down the road.

We all know how such things just seem to happen at unexpected times, well, last year one of those events came our way.

We were coming off of LaManga Pass, a steep and crooked 3000 foot drop in five miles of switchbacks. One of the Rocky Mountains finest views, but potentially deadly if you are not prepared.

Someone had sideswiped a guardrail, and there was a large wide chrome trim piece in the road. it had been ran over so many times it was twisted badly.  One end was sticking up off of the pavement about four inches or so and that was the end that our Jeep ran over. There was no avoiding it. It flipped up and back, bouncing up into the under carriage of the Oliver all the way to the back, clanging loudly every inch of the way.

A safety pullout was ahead so we pulled in to take a look. Everything was ok, but our brakes were too hot to proceed on down the Mountain. We sat and waited for the brakes to cool off. We had got lucky.

We turned the negative event into a positive experience by choosing the opportunity to photograph the beautiful scenery.

Meanwhile, back at the dually with the cord hanging exposed over the tailgate.

Remembering the chrome piece, I knew that if something like that hit the trailer cord on our much heavier 5er, we could possibly loose our trailer’s brakes. Now, on a pass like LaManga, that could spell disaster. It was time to make a change and put the plug inside the pickup’s bed.

Here is a look at the completed project.


We are getting chores such at this done on a daily basis as we prepare to leave for Colorado.

It snowed today In Trujillo Meadows according to the National Weather service.


B. Schell said...

Thanks for sending the picture of your new rig. Looks great. Be sure to keep an eye on your fifth wheel hitch release bar when your traveling. I've heard stories of people leaving their rigs in a parking lot to eat, shop etc. While they're gone some loser pulls the hitch release and if the owner doesn't catch it, the trailer will fall on the truck when they start out. I'm looking forward to Colorado stories.

mountainborn said...

Thanks buddy, good advice. I'll move the Oliver tongue lock over to the fiver latch .