Monday, May 17, 2010


Our jobs that we have chosen and the places we stay and play, are places where the weather can swing wildly in a days time. Backup fuel for cooking, hot water and occasional heating during our extended stays off of the grid, seemed like a good idea. With that in mind, we picked up a few fittings and a hose while we were in town one day.

The idea is to carry a 100 pound propane tank on a dolly, standing up in the bed of the tow vehicle. Normally the tank would be empty except for a couple of the Winter extended stays such as the sugar beet harvest up near Canada and the Campbellsville Kentucky CHRISTmas stay, while working for Amazon dot com. Here is a look at the valve and hose set up that is hooked up to a test tank in the driveway.


100 lb. propane tank strapped to the dolly.100_1883

Looking past the outside tank towards the valve inside.


A close look at the extra fittings and the valve.

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