Monday, May 24, 2010


The Diner in Norman Oklahoma is another cool eatery that has been featured on The Food Networks Diners, Drive inns & Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri.


While enroute to our workamper job of managing a campground in Colorado’s National Forest, we passed through Norman Oklahoma. And, Norman is the home of the twice State champion chili recipe. That chili recipe resides at the diner. We knew that we just had to make time for a stop.

A quick check of driving times told us that we would most likely be able to overnight in Norman and be at the Diner for their famous breakfast. We did and on Saturday morning when the doors opened we were the first in line.

Betty asked as we walked in, “where would you like to sit ?” “ Near the grill, so we can watch”, I respond as I remove my old worn camera from it’s case. Here is the way the chef & his helper had the grill prepared.


Home fries and Hash browns cover the grill and flats of eggs are at the ready. Obviously they are ready for a large breakfast crowd. Though we were early on a weekend morning, the place was packed by the time our order arrived at the table. Half of a cup of coffee kind of quick. I ordered the three egg omelet from the menu that is called “The Kitchen Sink”. It starts with three eggs and has five other ingredients of the chef’s choice. Here is a look, plumb pretty, ain’t it !


The kitchen sink comes with Biscuits and gravy. Man, all of my favorites ! I have to tell ya’, I nearly hurt myself EATING THE WHOLE THING !


The coffee was great and the atmosphere was local home folks friendly.

All too soon it was time for us to get on down the road.

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