Saturday, May 15, 2010


Our Coleman 5er is 36 feet long. The Ford F350 Dually with the large brush guard on the front, when measured to the trailer’s back bumper is 53 feet long. That leaves a few feet to pull a small trailer with a ATV or Golf Cart on it should the occasion ever arise.

Hey, ya’ just never know, right ?

Today we had Lakeside Metal Fabrication put a receiver hitch on the Coleman’s rear bumper.


At first glance it looks like it was just stuck onto the thin back bumper, AKA: sewer hose holder.


Not ! Carefully fabricating braces and reinforcing brackets, Johnny made sure that you would have to look close to tell that extensive reinforcement had been added.


In these photos the spare tire is removed and the bare metal hasn’t been prepared for paint.

The spare will move over to the driver’s side of the rear bumper after paint work is completed.

Johnny finished up the project by wiring the hitch for lights that tie into the front of the trailer instead of splicing into the wiring at the rear.

Can the dude lay down a sweet welding bead or what !

Later in the day:

Finished the paint work and installed the spare over on the drivers side of the bumper. Here is a look:


Having a place to put “extra stuff” has Betty’s imagination working overtime.100_1865

Some of the suggested uses for the receiver hitch were:

Carry a deep freeze on a cargo rack.

Put stackable washer & dryer to have more space inside.

Carry hand tools there to clear up basement space.

Carry Bar-be-Q grill.

Carry all of those extra lawn chairs, just incase we had lots of company.

I am afraid that I may have to give in to one of those wild ideas before she decides to put my recliner back there !

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Pete said...

How's 'bout attaching a tow rope for you ta ride on an inner-tube on wet 'n sloshy days? I bet she could sling that tube real fine like!