Friday, May 14, 2010


That clever little rascal Poco, our three year old rat terrier, figured out that he could easily defeat the screen door by pushing the screen out.

Here is Betty’s solution:


While I was at Lakeside Metal fabrication, located at 2610 Hwy 88 E. Mena, Ar , getting our friend Johnny Herring to install a receiver hitch on the back of our Coleman 5er, she talked to fabrication technician Matt. Here is Matt’s fix for the screen pushing pooch situation:


Matt noted that there was a small channel that the expanded aluminum could be placed into if it was measured and cut carefully. Here is a close up of Matt’s careful fitting.


The best part is that it requires no screws to hold it in place or to remove to clean, yet the air can flow freely through.

Clever, imaginative craftsmen, that’s why we keep coming back here to get our stuff done right. As some might remember, Johnny is the fabricator that made the cool generator box for the front of our Oliver.

Though we no longer have the Oliver, we still have the generator box if you know some one that might need one.


Ken said...

why did you get rid of the Oliver? I am just curious.

Ginger said...

Oh, man, I need one of these. Roxie poked a hole in the screen door on the motorhome.

mountainborn said...

Hey Ken, we absolutely loved our Oliver. It was a very sad day when we left our Ollie. We couldn't sleep over enough Grandkids.