Monday, May 24, 2010


We arrived at the location of the Diner on east main street in Norman Oklahoma, just before dark.

With beat up camera in hand, Betty and I found a place to park and walked up to the diner for a look. Closed already for the night, we noted the opening times.


A couple of city police officers walked up briskly as I snapped the photo above. They were responding to a silent alarm nearby. I asked about over nighting on a nearby parking lot. They told us of one that would have less traffic noise and we were set for the night.

Early the next morning we found a place to park near the diner.




At the front door of the diner we met some of the locals who are regulars. They bragged on the chili and wanted us to know that they thought the main meal of the day that they were there for was breakfast.

Then the door rattled and a hand flipped over the open sign as the neon lights came on.

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