Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today was a great Spring time day to be working outside in the yard, but, I didn’t. Instead I worked on getting stuff loaded to go to the lake. It went like this:

Battery's fully charged, check.

Battery’s fully charged, check.

Fuel Topped off, Check.

Fuel topped off, check.

Jugs loaded, check.

Jugs loaded, check.

Sonar operational, check.

Sonar operational, check.

Tackle box loaded, check.

Tackle box loaded, check.

Fishin’, we gotter’ on our mind !


richies said...

Get off the computer and go fishin'!!

An Arkies Musings

Happy Trails said...

We will be meeting ya'll up there in about 2-3 weeks! We can't wait! Spring means Jugfest!

mountainborn said...

As most recall, my Grandson Kyle lost the toes from his right foot in a logging accident. He returns to the surgeon to get the stitches out, this Monday. We will go to the lake after dust settles from that visit. Ya'll come on down !