Monday, April 18, 2011


It was a wonderful evening when we cast the jugs just before sunset. The lake was absolutely slick, except for an occasional light breeze that hardly “troubled” the surface of the lake.

Here is a look as Betty baits up the hooks with a bream, and Pete casts the jugs.


Carefully the baited hook is passed from Betty to Pete.


Pete is in mid cast, note the hook is in his right hand as the 1 ounce egg sinker is swinging up to the front, slightly behind his hand. His left hand is ready to pitch the jug at the right time for the line to land on the lake surface  fully deployed

Pete has been doing this with us for several years now, and has a smooth cast that almost never lands tangled up.

After completing the cast, we slowly idle back down the line of jugs to make sure they are set right and to see if we have something on a line before heading back to camp.

Pete took this photo of a young buzzard as we picked up one of the bait traps, before beginning the cast.


Here is Pete’s lake surface view of the Boat and jugs. The camera sure gives a good look at the very calm lake surface.


Here is a short video of a jug being cast.

Betty Baits up and Pete casts

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