Monday, April 11, 2011


Locating , catching and casting bait fish is quite a process. Here is a look at a few of the steps.


In this photo Pete has just picked up a bait trap and it has a lot of bait fish in it.

The lake is quite low this Spring. Finding the bait fish took a bit of head scratching.

Finding the right depth and a place where there is feed and shelter for the bait fish is a critical part of the process. Also, it has to be in the proximity of a bream spawning area for maximum efficiency.

When you get good at locating and catching bait fish, there is quite a responsibility associated with it. You must be careful to not take so many that you decimate the spawning area’s population. That is accomplished by moving to another place. Yep bait fishing is a constant and on going process within the jug fishing art.


In this photo Betty and Pete are dumping the bait fish from the trap into the boat’s forward live well.

The bait fish are taken from the live well as needed during the cast of the jugs.


Pete has just cast the last jug in a cast of two dozen. For safety and simplicity we only put one hook and one bait fish on each jug.

The remaining bait fish are put back in the lake, so we will have some for next year !

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